As serious injury lawyers, we always look out for the best interests of our clients. This requires us to have access to and be aware of the most suitable support workers, and their ability to provide the best short and long terms care for our clients. Our clients have expressed their satisfaction with the staff and services of Toronto Living Care Services Inc. because of their efficient and dependable services, skilled and knowledgeable staff and helpful and compassionate approach to care. We continue to trust Toronto Living Care Services Inc. to provide the best service to our clients and they continue to be unwavering in providing exceptional care.


I had been diagnosed with having a head injury due to a car accident in 2015. When I was discharged from a trauma hospital – Sunnybrook / Toronto Rehab, I had to continue care and treatment at home. I didn’t know which home health care to contact, until a friend told me about Toronto Living Care Services. So, I gave it a try. I found out that their staff is very efficient, skillful, highly trained and very professional. They provide care and compassion, to us the clients, and safety is their priority. I highly recommend Toronto Living Care Services to any client that needs care in their homes. With them, the clients are in good hands.” 

D. G. Moir, Markham, Ont.

“I would be very happy to give Toronto Living Care Services my highest recommendation for anyone who needs help or assistance of living independently. Toronto Living Care Services has got to be the most reliable and dependable Caregivers.”

R. Nathanzon – Toronto

“I used Toronto Living Care Services over the past five years while my dad was alive. For ten hours per day they took care of all his needs. During this time they provided compassionate and consistent care. All staff who visited were professional and courteous. Staff went beyond the job description to make sure dad was always well cared for. I have no hesitation in recommending this agency to anyone looking for supportive care for their loved one.”

D. Penney – Toronto

“My husband had been diagnosed with both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and it was a time of tremendous upheaval in our lives. After the diagnosis, my husband and I talked over the future and agreed that, if at all possible, I would keep him at home until it was absolutely necessary for a hospice. The Parkinson’s advanced rapidly so that, within several months of the diagnosis, we were in need of round the clock care for the simplest things. Julius Tabares came to us highly recommended by people we knew and knew of. After interviewing a couple of other people, we decided on Julius because of both his background and because we felt a real connection. Our condo was quite large, and because we wanted 24/7 care, Julius moved in with us and, very quickly, became an integral part of our family. As the care required became more substantial and impossible for one person, Julius not only became the chief caregiver but also took the responsibility for my husband’s care schedule. His secondary business, Toronto Living Care Services, supplied caregivers for housebound patients, and everyone that he had come in to do shifts, were capable and had kind and calm temperaments. To me, these are very important qualities in those taking care of a loved one. My husband passed away in February of 2014, I sold my apartment and moved into a wonderful retirement residence. Even now, Julius and a two of the women who had taken care of my husband still come just to visit and have lunch. I can highly recommend Julius’ technical ability, efficiency, patience, and disposition, and can securely recommend Julius Tabares and the people provided by Toronto Living Care Services.”

Mrs. Sidney Bregman – Toronto, Ontario

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